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    I wonder why......



    Why do some ppl suck so badly!

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    I wonder why......

    Post  Codeman on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:48 am

    Why do some ppl suck so badly i mean seriously this world is jacked up some kids that live near slums will get a bat and beat homeless ppl to death! Some ppl give poor ppl slack, its not there fault there poor pieces of crap maybe they should of gotten an education and worked thier hardest! Why the Heck do ppl join gangs "oh ill protect u if u kill a bunch of innocent ppl minding there own buisness then ppl will be afraid of us!" I bet some ppl r mean cause they got small thingys so they r jealos join a gang and chop someone elses off NOT RIGHT! just buy some male enhancement!!! and if u dont have enough money get a dang job LOSER!!! I MEAN HOW BAD CAN MC DONADLS BE OMG!!! Evil or Very Mad

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