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    the smart person quiz


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    the smart person quiz

    Post  Codeman on Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:37 pm

    1 do u get straight A's?
    2 have u ever gotten an award for being really smart?
    3 are u in gifted classes where everything is so much worse than a normal class?
    4 are u constantly wondering about life and the universe?
    5 is what u wanna be when u grow up a banker, lawyer, engineer, doctor, dentist , etc.?
    6 do u love to read?
    No=0 Yes=1

    0=dumb as crap
    1=on ur way to getting out of the special classes
    2=average person
    3=on the smart side
    4=lay off the books
    6=smart but super GEEK, soon to be rich millionare for the awesomest invention in the world, etc.

    i am a yes to everything but the last one so i am einstein Razz

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